Mental Attitude Adjustment

With the big changes in the photography business over the last 5 or so years it has often been disheartening and a bit scary trying to figure out what to do in this quickly and radically changing business climate. It’s often the case that the successful things I did in my business before just stopped working. I found that especially true in the stock segment of the business which is what I’ve been heavily investing my time and energy into over the last 14 years. It’s definitely been hard to stay positive through all the changes. There have been times particularly in the last few years when I’ve been downright negative and angry… and even depressed.

Well, I’ve decided to move beyond all that and not be afraid of where this business is going anymore but rather to embrace it and realize that fear and negativity crushes creativity and pushes people away from you. Part of my recovery will be to use this blog as a way to connect and collaborate with others. I feel better already 🙂 Please join me in my new quest.

My first action to embrace this new world is to get away from the computer for at least one day a week. During that minimum of one day a week I will be out of the office creating new imagery (still and video). While the computer is a great tool to add creativity to our images, for me, it is not the source of my inspiration and in fact, at times it downright depresses me to be typing on a keyboard, clicking a mouse, and pushing pixels for days on end. The true inspiration for my work comes from experiencing and interacting with the amazing world outside my office doors.

Watch this space as I share my trials, tribulations, and successes adjusting to the new paradigm that has changed professional photography forever.

Tim McGuire


4 Responses to “Mental Attitude Adjustment”

  1. Barbara McGuire Says:

    Hey Tim,
    I think you are embarking on a healthy new venture. We’ll be keeping positive with you.

  2. Dick McGuire Says:

    Amen Tim. I’m for you 100%. Make it more than one day a week getting out and away from the computer and Facebook.

    • timmcguireimages Says:

      My plan is one day a week minimum, rain or shine, commissioned or un-commissioned, with models or without.

  3. Good for you, Tim!
    Great Pic’s

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