Marketing for Assignments

After 14 years spent mostly working at rights managed stock photography production and leaving the bulk of the marketing required to the big stock agencies, I am making a big shift… something I probably should have done a year or two ago given the sorry state of the stock photography business.  I am starting a one year marketing campaign targeted toward clients who hire photographers for assignments.  I’ll get much more specific later.

To get started I’ve subscribed to Agency Access for one year. There’s no sense in doing any marketing for less than a year, plus I got a substantial discount for paying upfront for a year.  Through their basic service I will get a qualified list of potential customers in key markets in North America to whom I can market my services. This includes 13,0000 email deliveries with tracking.

Two additional services I signed up for with Agency Access are the Promotion Manager service with Christie Starace and  their Photography Consultant service with Amanda Sosa Stone.  Since most of my career has been in the stock business with others doing all the marketing, I felt I could use this added help and expertise to get me going. I’ll be reporting back here throughout the process with updates and reports on how it’s all going.

Here’s a few more photos from some random photo outings in the last two weeks.


One Response to “Marketing for Assignments”

  1. Will be reading how it goes with Agency Access. That’s really interesting for me as I was thinking of that too

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