Marketing for Assignments 02

Well, I’ve now sent out 6300 or so emails via Agency Access and followed up on all the clicks with direct mail cards.  No calls related to those promotions yet.

I’m averaging 17.5% of recipients opening the emails and 4+% actually clicking through to my website.  My portfolio is waiting….

I’m thinking about not having a physical printed portfolio but rather maybe finding some way to make an absolutely beautiful interactive portfolio online, something better, cooler, bigger than my regular website.  I have to give this some thought….  I feel it’s a waste to be sending printed portfolios via the mail, jets, trucks, etc…  It goes against my ethics on having a sustainable life and business as well as my wish to cut down on my carbon footprint… something that is hard to do given the choices we have available to us today.

If anyone reading this has gone “printed portfolio-less”, please let me know your experience. Did you do something else as an alternative?

Also, If anyone has great ideas for online password protected portfolio presentations please share.



7 Responses to “Marketing for Assignments 02”

  1. Hi Tim. I’m not sure why you would need an online password-protected portfolio unless it was of sensitive material. In marketing, the general rule of thumb is to give the consumer the path of least resistance to conversion. Some “friction” in the process could be enough to lose them.

    Of the portfolio type of sites, the ones that A Photo Editor makes is the simplest in my opinion and probably what I would use if I were to go with the Agency Access / Portfolio route.

  2. timmcguireimages Says:

    Hey Richard,

    I’m specifically writing about replacing the printed portfolio, mostly in the commercial client sector. There are some commercial clients who really want to see a printed portfolio shipped overnight. This makes no sense to me but I’m told by various consultants that the hard copy printed portfolio is a must have (and two or three copies of each one). I want to replace that somehow because I don’t believe in shipping things via airplanes when something just as good can be had via a website. It goes against my sustainability / environmental concerns / ethics.

    I’m wondering if there is some sort of super high-end online experience that would somehow satisfy those clients who feel they just have to see and put their hands on that printed hard copy portfolio. My portfolio is online now and anyone can see it (low carbon footprint when compared to shipping overnight packages). Perhaps there is a slick and easy way to put full resolution images online. That is why I’d want it password protected. Maybe that would satisfy these hard copy portfolio people.

    Maybe I should just say no 🙂

    I do have a printed portfolio for local clientele when I meet face to face.

  3. Yeah that does make more sense now if you want to include full resolution images. The load time would probably still be an issue though especially if they are not the patient type. I know I don’t have patience for wading through Livebooks websites in-depth though they do look nice.

    Maybe develop a portfolio program specifically for the iPad? I was fooling around with my own website on one at the store and it looks pretty slick! I can’t help but imagine how cool it would be to be able to send someone a custom portfolio via iPad.

  4. Tim, of course I’m not in a position to know whether the photo-marketing industry is up to accepting a slick online portfolio. I just wanted to pass on an option to look at. I have been using It allows password protection, or public galleries. But most important, they toute themselves as being “primary source” media server. So you load your full resolution, or even RAW media. They guarantee safe, secure back-up etc. They also have professional services – which I don’t pay for, so don’t know how much advantage or how much additional wed layout flexibility it offers. Anyway – Check it out.

    • Tim McGuire Images Says:

      Thanks Gordon. I will check it out.

      Have a great day!


    • Tim McGuire Images Says:

      Gordon, The iPad is the latest trend that I know of for Portfolios. I hope to get one by early next year (waiting for the iPad 2.0) and get a nice presentation set up on it for my local portfolio showings. I’ll have to look into what programs work best on iPad for viewing images.



  5. The phanefare site has an iphone/ipad app… I know thye keep developing cool things for super users – and all I want is the ability to design a photobook once and print it in multiple sizes…. which they don’t do. Check it out.

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