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Marketing for Assignments 03

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The latest addition to the marketing Agency Access is advising me to do is to make some cold calls to potential clients in the local Seattle area for brief 10-15 minute portfolio showings. Agency Access makes it pretty straight forward with their calling script and lists.

I’ve got 300+ contacts to call now. They tell me maybe 30 of those will ask to see my portfolio and perhaps that would lead to 3 jobs. Agency Access would consider that a good return on my marketing investment. For me it will depend on how much those assignments are worth.

I guess they wouldn’t call it “work” if it wasn’t work. I better get busy and do some work. 🙂  I’ll report back later with any results.

Tim McGuire


Images to look for! October 2010

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Look for this shot of Old Faithful geyser erupting in Budget Travel magazine (printed version).  It will run full page as an “Opener” for their “Real Deals” section.

Fun Shoot for Davidson College Journal and Admissions Brochure

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A couple weeks ago I was given an assignment by the good people at Davidson College in Davidson, North Carolina.  Three of their students were riding their bicycles across the United States to raise money for homeless people.  The students are Sarah Connette, Jon Springfield, and their support van driver, James Johnson.

After a 4:30am departure from Seattle with my assistant, John we met the cyclists and their van at Lone Fir campground on the North Cascades highway just East of Washington pass.  It was a beautiful Northwest summer day to say the least!  We shot in several locations between Lone Fir Campground and Rainy Pass getting the spectacular scenery in the backgrounds of the various portraits and action shots we did.  All in all a very fun shoot with some great people.  You can read about their cross country journey on their blog.

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