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How the Image was Used – 02

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This image is from an assignment shoot I did in September 2010 for Beloit College Magazine.

This is a portrait of Beloit College Alumnus, Jim Simon who is also the Assistant Managing Editor at The Seattle Times and a recent Pulitzer Prize Winner.


How the Image was Used

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This appeared in the Davidson Journal from a shoot this Summer.

This was a double page spread in the printed version and it also appears on their web version of the Journal.

Vacationing with a Photographer :-)

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While looking through my wife’s snapshots from our recent vacation I came to realize how annoying it must be from time to time for non photographers to go places with us obsessed photographers.

My wife is amazingly patient with me. Here are a bunch of her pictures that prove it.


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Never Buy or Support Bottled Water! This is why.

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Playing / Figuring out the subconscious

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I was playing with some images I shot last winter of Urban Trees in downtown Seattle. I sometimes take pictures because I’m attracted to something that I’m not sure what it is I’m attracted to. I call it my subconscious minds eye.

I had passed by and wanted to photograph these trees in front of the old Federal buildings for a while.  So I went out to photograph them one rainy day. Even while I made the pictures I couldn’t figure out what I really liked about the subject and setting. It just seemed kind of boring.

Probably at least six months later I revisited the images and started playing with them trying to make them interesting to me, still wondering why I had lugged my cameras and tripod out in the rain one dreary Seattle day and shot them.  After cropping and playing for a while I eventually added this super contrasty effect to the images brings out what I think attracted my minds eye. Without it the pictures are pretty boring to me but I like them with these high contrast effects which better define the lines of the trees and the buildings. I think it’s just the contrast in styles of line, the “organic” natural shapes on top of the man made, that makes it interesting to me. What do you think?


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In the past month or so I have been inspired by Georgia O’Keefe’s paintings at The Georgia O’Keefe Museum in Santa Fe, New Mexico and by the amazing Picasso Exhibit at the Seattle Art Museum.

I grew up in the southwest United States where O’Keefe found much of her inspiration throughout her life. It is the southwestern landscape that first inspired me to become a photographer.  It’s great to be re-inspired and reminded of these places by revisiting these places on a recent  trip to the southwestern US and also getting to see these great artists work.

As for Picasso, having this collection from the Musée National Picasso Paris in Seattle is an incredible opportunity to see some of his work (over 150 pieces) and learn more about the artist and his inspirations.  My wife and I are members at the Seattle Art Museum and have been attending a lecture and a film series on Picasso over the last few weeks.  I’ve been thinking about heading down to the museum some morning and bring along my sketch pad and pencils.  I think it could be a good exercise in looking more intensely at Picasso’s work and perhaps learning a bit.

Here’s a  few photos from the Sandia Mountains, just outside Albuquerque, New Mexico.  I think O’Keefe might have appreciated the somewhat eerie yet beautiful tree form(s) and the blue of the open shade under a blue sky.  What do you think?

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Portrait Portfolio

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