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Human Nature Connections – Sonya

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Here is the first set of images from my Human Nature Connections project.  This is Sonya.  She connects with nature through hiking. She especially loves hiking the trails of Mt Rainier National Park in Washington State.

These photos were made in one day on Tiger Mountain East of Issaquah, Washington off I90  and the Little Si trail near Northbend, Washington.


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Facing Reality.

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Rollingstone magazine has a new article titled “Climate of Denial” but it is about much much more than climate change. It goes to the very core of many of the things wrong with the USA today. It is definitely worth a read. If you get annoyed by long Tweets don’t even click on this link.

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Hot Air Balloon Fiesta, Albuquerque, New Mexico 2010

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The winds have welcomed you with softness

The sun has blessed you with it’s warm hands

You have flown so high and so well

That God has joined you in laughter

and sent you gently back into the loving arms of mother earth.

The above blessing often comes with a champagne toast after a flight in a hot air balloon. I’d aways wanted to see the Albuquerque Balloon Fiesta and finally got to see it last October. It is a great event full of fun and an air of excitement as more than 600 balloons take off while the sun rises above the Sandia Mountains.

Here is a link to more photos on my website.

Break out of those Silos!

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I liked this video I found on the Workbook blog.