PICTURENGINE.COM Will Disrupt Status Quo


…and that’s a good thing!


After several months of beta testing and several more months of talking with PicturEngine founder and creator, Justin Brinson, I have high hopes for his creation. I believe PicturEngine.com can do for independent freelance stock photographers what I had hoped to do with Evostock.com.

Learn about PicturEngine Here!

Justin contacted me about a year ago after having read my Vision Plan for Evostock. We soon found that we  shared a very similar vision of a future stock image licensing industry without the big “agency” power structure that dominates the industry and its revenues today, a vision where independent stock photographers could play on a level playing field with the traditional agencies and not have to pay the lions share of their revenues to a domineering middleman. Justin built his vision from the ground up while I tried to get Photoshelter on board with my plans for Evostock using their Virtual Agency technology. Evostock has stalled out for a few reasons… but this is about PicturEngine.

Learn about PicturEngine Here!

PicturEngine is everything I wanted and more for a new paradigm in stock imagery licensing and distribution. It is sustainable and it supports creators and clients without the big powerful middleman. It even uses the PLUS system and the PlusPacks Calculator developed by the SAA years ago.

So, rather than explaining it all here I will just send you to the link where you can learn more (click here or above / below). Watch the videos, read the FAQ’s and register for an account. Lock in the monthly rate by getting in early with the Beta pricing. Put yourself on a level playing field with the big agencies for as little as $10/month and get 100% of licensing revenues from your pictures!

It is my opinion that PicturEngine will eliminate the independent stock producers need for “representation” at any of the big agencies. Phototographers need to let go of the past and embrace this new way of licensing and distribution. It is here!

Learn about PicturEngine Here!


One Response to “PICTURENGINE.COM Will Disrupt Status Quo”

  1. It sounds like it might really be worthwhile, assuming picturengine pulls in primarily traditional photo buyers. Sorry Evostock is on hold. It’s hard to build a stock photo agency when you want to be out shooting and I have to commend your efforts.

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