Most of my youth was spent exploring the high desert plateaus and rocky mountains of southwestern Colorado or South East Utah’s canyon country. I consider myself lucky to have enjoyed a backyard many kids would dream about. Especially grownup kids.

Early on I was given the nickname “eagle eye” for my apparent ability to see things that others overlooked… rare stones, arrowheads, or a lone antelope on the plains of south central Colorado. Whether or not I really possessed unique visual abilities, the positive reinforcement as a kid was enough to make me value the power of focused observation. What I do know is that, by the time I reached the fifth grade and everyone else in my family required eyeglasses, I had embarked on a lifelong relationship with a different kind of lens.

I began photographing landscapes that garnered some local awards and recognition. Inspired by my artistic family – which includes painters, craftsmen and a batik artist – I soon recognized that my own quest for creative fulfillment was missing a key element: the human one. I discovered a passion for visually capturing the power of people doing what they love, surrounded by the beauty of nature.

After graduating cum laude with a degree in Commercial Photography and Graphic Arts Technology from Northern Arizona University, I worked as an assistant to established commercial and editorial photographers around Phoenix and Seattle before taking the job that would shape my more recent career.

As Production Director at Jim Cummins studio in yet another beautiful setting – Seattle, Washington – I learned what it takes to be a commercial photographer in the real world by producing more than 350 sports and lifestyle stock photo shoots. I was often solely responsible for managing entire shoots and solving problems on the fly.

I established Tim McGuire Images in 1995 and began building my own stock photography catalogue in my spare time. Five years later, I took the valuable experience I gained under Jim Cummins′ visionary guidance and dedicated myself full-time to building Tim McGuire Images. I′ve continued creating images for stock, assignment and fine art since heading out on my own in 2000. I hope you like what you see as much as I′ve enjoyed making it.

“Let the beauty we love be what we do” – Rumi


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