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Blurb Books

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While I’m not a great book designer yet, I do find the tools and price point to create really nice looking books on Blurb to be a great outlet for my creativity.  I have a new book in process which I hope to finish up in the next two months.  These are the two I have done so far.  Check out some of the other amazing books on Blurb.  It’s cool!

My Portraits Portfolio

By Tim McGuire

…and a small gift book for my father to remember a camping and hiking trip we took in the North Cascades.

Three Days and Nig…
By Dick, Andy, and Ti…

Marketing for Assignments 02

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Well, I’ve now sent out 6300 or so emails via Agency Access and followed up on all the clicks with direct mail cards.  No calls related to those promotions yet.

I’m averaging 17.5% of recipients opening the emails and 4+% actually clicking through to my website.  My portfolio is waiting….

I’m thinking about not having a physical printed portfolio but rather maybe finding some way to make an absolutely beautiful interactive portfolio online, something better, cooler, bigger than my regular website.  I have to give this some thought….  I feel it’s a waste to be sending printed portfolios via the mail, jets, trucks, etc…  It goes against my ethics on having a sustainable life and business as well as my wish to cut down on my carbon footprint… something that is hard to do given the choices we have available to us today.

If anyone reading this has gone “printed portfolio-less”, please let me know your experience. Did you do something else as an alternative?

Also, If anyone has great ideas for online password protected portfolio presentations please share.


Evostock – Turning the Stock Image Business Upside Down.

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A collective of professional stock artists is turning the status quo on its head by creating and building a new business model for stock image distribution that better benefits image creators.  Many artists are saying goodbye to Getty Images and Corbis and are looking for better more profitable and sustainable ways to market, distribute, and license their creative work to customers. 

 Evostock, a Virtual Agency created on Photoshelter technology plans to build its virtual image collection and number of members to a critical mass.  Once that critical mass is reached they intend to leverage those numbers in the marketplace to completely bypass the need for the expensive and outdated stock agency system which has dominated artists and the industry at large in the past.

Tim McGuire, a professional stock photographer based in Seattle, Washington is the Virtual Agencies Founder and Administrator.  Tim say’s “I couldn’t see a viable business for me going forward with the big agencies who keep on taking more and more of the revenue from my work and charging their customers less and less.  My expenses weren’t going down so I started looking for a way to remove the middleman from the equation.  Evostock is what I came up with.”

For more info on joining Evostock go to where you can find several downloadable documents including a 16 page pdf outlining the organization and vision Tim McGuire has for the future of this entity.