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Crackin Up

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I made these images today and kinda liked them.


Addicted to Cracks

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Over the last year I’ve been attracted to photographing cracks in sidewalks, streets, walls… whatever.  Here are a few of my newest “Cracks In Pavement” series.

To me the images are about urban decay or possibly the nature of life… or the life of nature… even in those inanimate objects like a concrete sidewalk.  They have a life too. Everything deteriorates.

Tell me what you think.

Tim McGuire

Cracks in the Pavement

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I believe very much in not ignoring your urges to photograph things that attract you, no matter how strange or embarrassing you think it might be. Listening to your subconscious is very important for a photographer to make photographs that are true to your self.

Since college I’ve liked the way the cracks in pavement look after a rain, but before they completely dry out. Depending on if it rains again or the sun comes out and drys them out quickly, the optimal time to make these pictures can be fleeting. I think it’s the added contrast the water gives the cracks and the slight halo of dampness surrounding the cracks as they dry that makes them visually interesting to me.

I decided one day after returning from an early morning walk to go out and make pictures of these cracks. It looked like the conditions were perfect. While I was doing this a woman dropping her children off at school got out of her car and walked up to me. I was standing right in the middle of the street with my tripod and camera aimed straight down at the ground. She asked what I was taking pictures of. Convinced that maybe she would think I was crazy or something I told her I just liked the way the cracks in the pavement looked. It turns out she understood completely. She thought it was cool. I completely expected her to look at me like I was crazy and walk away.

Anyway… here are a few of my “cracks in the pavement” series. I still like them and will probably make more of these pictures. Only two of these have the halo of dampness that I was going for. The last photo in this series is one I made in college over 20 years ago.