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Rebuild our Ecosystems. We can do it together.

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An early select from Monday’s shoot in Discovery Park.

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Trail Runner, Discovery Park

Trail Runner, Discovery Park

A Wall I’ve Wanted to Photograph for a Few Years.

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This is Sage who responded to my initial “call out” for people to work with on my HUMAN NATURE CONNECTIONS project.  Sage wrote to me, “I am a avid stilt walker (both pegs & bio mechanical) and enjoy cross country stilting. I recently experienced a stilting adventure in Tillamook, Oregon where I stilted in, over, and around natures obstacles along the outer coastline on my bio mechanicals…the experience was very rewarding physically as well as spiritually”.

I thought the idea offered a very different  (kind of zany) slant on what most people would envision when reading my initial blog post.  I must admit this included myself. So after meeting Sage, who just happened to be living across the street from me, I decided to go with it and see what we could come up. I think we made some unique and interesting photographs showing one persons unique connection with nature.

We shot these photos on various trails in the Quinault rain forest near Lake Quinault in the southwest part of the Olympic peninsula in Washington state.

Thanks for sharing your nature connection with us, Sage!

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You can also see these on my Behance Network page too. Check it out.


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In the past month or so I have been inspired by Georgia O’Keefe’s paintings at The Georgia O’Keefe Museum in Santa Fe, New Mexico and by the amazing Picasso Exhibit at the Seattle Art Museum.

I grew up in the southwest United States where O’Keefe found much of her inspiration throughout her life. It is the southwestern landscape that first inspired me to become a photographer.  It’s great to be re-inspired and reminded of these places by revisiting these places on a recent  trip to the southwestern US and also getting to see these great artists work.

As for Picasso, having this collection from the Musée National Picasso Paris in Seattle is an incredible opportunity to see some of his work (over 150 pieces) and learn more about the artist and his inspirations.  My wife and I are members at the Seattle Art Museum and have been attending a lecture and a film series on Picasso over the last few weeks.  I’ve been thinking about heading down to the museum some morning and bring along my sketch pad and pencils.  I think it could be a good exercise in looking more intensely at Picasso’s work and perhaps learning a bit.

Here’s a  few photos from the Sandia Mountains, just outside Albuquerque, New Mexico.  I think O’Keefe might have appreciated the somewhat eerie yet beautiful tree form(s) and the blue of the open shade under a blue sky.  What do you think?

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There’s just something fascinating about roots and trees

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I’m constantly drawn to trees and roots. They just fascinate me with their shapes and sometimes alien forms and textures.

I’ve been walking by these for years when going climbing at Exit 38. I finally stopped to take some HDR photos last weekend. I also stopped to photograph this tree stump which I see as a metaphor for the struggle between man and nature or maybe better, mans attempts to dominate nature…

Tell me what you think.


Urban Trees / More HDR Testing

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For the last two or three months my wife and I have been getting up early 3-4 times a week to go downtown (Seattle, WA) to workout at Club Zum.  Every morning as we walk from where we park the car to the gym I would notice these beautiful tree forms amongst the downtown buildings… these organic / natural shapes contrasting with the man made hard edged buildings surrounding them.  I find it to be an interesting juxtaposition and had been meaning to make some photographs of them which I finally did.

These are some of the images I made of the trees and buildings last week while trying out this HDR photography technique. If they look a little fuzzy click on the image again to see the full resolution image.